5 Things I Love About Kansas City

(in no particular order)

1. Funny 102.5 – Such a fun discovery. This radio station plays comedy 24/7. They play just little 5 minute clips from different comedians… hilarious!

2. Shatto Milk – YUM. This milk is from a farm just north of our place, sold at the grocery store. It comes in fun glass bottles and also comes in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, orange dream, banana, root beer… I mean what more could you want from milk? It’s amazing.

3. QuikTrip – This is like a gas station on steroids. It’s a little crazy. Andy and I stopped at one when we were down here looking for houses. The guy who worked there was SUPER excited about QT too, wanted to show us everything. If you want pop, a slushie, cappuccino, this is your place. They have a pop machine like any other gas station but instead of 6 choices, they have like 30. Instead of 2 slushie flavors, they have 10. Instead of 10 cappuccino flavors, they have 25. AND they have a fresh whipped cream machine. AWESOME. They always have cheap gas too (got some for $2.93 yesterday, all you MN peeps!), and they’re always clean and nice.

4. Oklahoma Joe’s – I love barbeque. I mean, LOVE barbeque. Favorite restaurant: Famous Daves. I should say ‘former’ favorite restaurant. Because nothing can top Oklahoma Joe’s now :). I first went to OK Joe’s when I was down here with Andy for business once. I don’t remember when or why we were here, but John and Phil took us out to lunch. We pulled up in a TINY gas station… here I was thinking we needed gas or something. Nope, we’re eating lunch here. And guess what, it’s been my favorite restaurant since! It really is in a gas station, and there is usually a line of about 100 people out the door at all times of day. Yes, 9 am… 3 in the afternoon… it is THAT good. And how cool that it’s just a tiny old gas station! If any of you all come to visit me, rest assured I will take you to Oklahoma Joe’s!

5. Ya know, I really wish I could remember number 5. But there is so much else I could add to this list, maybe number 5 is just the rest. John and Tammy and their families are at the top of the list – they have been incredibly welcoming and helpful. Between offering Andy a place to stay while he commuted here for 3 weeks and brining us all dinner when we arrived, as well as making us dinner and dessert multiple times already – we couldn’t have asked for better friends to welcome us to Kansas City. We have been very blessed by them! There’s also the reality of more quality time with my husband, more time with the puppies, long walks, a Hobby Lobby near by, cheap gas (!) and the list could go on and on… We’re beyond grateful for this opportunity!

Sure, there are things that aren’t perfect [being 450 miles from anyone and anything we know and love, their SKINNY roads, expensive milk, living in a townhouse with dogs who are used to roaming a big yard all to themselves, no Eagle Brook Church, etc…] but we are so happy to be here. We are making the most of the things that aren’t perfect, because we know God placed us here, here and now, for a reason.


4 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Kansas City

  1. James Nelson says:

    Sam: You two are too cute. I’m glad you are finding fun things to enjoy in KC. Hope you are feeling more settled and that the “boys” are behaving. Feel free to FedEx Milo to The Chicago Loft at Midtown Exchange if necessary. Love you both.

  2. Heather says:

    Sam, I love reading your writing, I can’t wait for more posts!!! 🙂 Katy-Cecilie and I are already planning our trip to KC, if you want us!

  3. Lori Pesola says:

    So glad to hear a little glimpse into your new life! So happy for you both and your new life there 🙂 I wish we could visit really soon, but looking forward to whenever we can! Love you!

    P.S. (It’s dangerous having a Hobby Lobby nearby!!)

  4. […] might remember from my very first post that one of my top 5 things in Kansas City was Shatto Milk. Today we got the chance to tour their […]

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