Shatto Milk

You might remember from my very first post that one of my top 5 things in Kansas City was Shatto Milk. Today we got the chance to tour their farm. This is a MUST DO of you’re ever in KC! The farm is about an hour north of our house, and so worth the drive. We got to meet the cows, meet a couple calfs, and see the milking and bottling process. Such a fun day!




Standing: Moogle, Laying: Tessa


Tessa – just 13 days old!


Moogle – just over a month old. You can see how tiny she is compared to Andy’s hand! Named because of Google Fiber 🙂


Chewing on EVERYTHING!

The girls getting milked!


One thought on “Shatto Milk

  1. Hope Burr says:

    We love Shatto. It’s located about 1 mile west of my in-laws farm. We’re lucky enough to be able to get there from our house in about 10 minutes. 🙂 Won’t buy milk from the store, if hubby doesn’t pick up our milk when he’s picking up for the folks we’ll run out together on the weekend and grab a bottle. My kids have always loved the flavored milk, and our dog prefers Shatto cheese curds to the major brands in the grocery store. Are we fans? Well of course we are ! Thanks for sharing your fun and photos.

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