Sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday – it was a BIG day and I needed to soak it all in. I had no words. Here’s where the last two days have taken us.

{NICU: Day 7}

I had way overdone everything the last couple days, and made a choice to yay in bed all day and not go up to the hospital until evening. It was hard, but I’m so glad I did as I felt infinitely better! We got there to discover no more cpap!! He had been transitioned to a nasal cannula (just two little plastic tubes in his nose) with a high flow of room air. This is another huge leap as they thought he’d be on cpap a while longer. This boy is stopping for no one now!

It was just about time for him to eat while we were there, and his nurse let me do the honors. He is still fed through his feeding tube in his mouth (this will eventually be moved to his nose) with expressed breast milk in a syringe hooked to the end. It’s as close to feeding him as I can come right now and it was awesome! He is up to 6ml feeds every 3 hours and they will up that by 2ml every 12 hours until he gets up to a full feed of 33ml. He is still receiving extra nutrients in his IV for now.


As you can see, he had to go back under the bilirubin lights because his levels went back up. No big deal, and he doesn’t mind chilling under the lights with his cool glasses on 🙂

He was ALL about holding daddy’s hand last night. The whole night! So sweet to see his little fingers wrapped around Andy’s finger that is the size of Joey’s whole arm!



He gained a little weight – up to 1680 grams (about 3lb 11oz). As his feeds increase I’m guessing this will be a new trend! Grow baby grow!

The very best part of the night? He was ready to be held! He could only come off his bili lights for 30 minutes, and we had to wait for his body temp to come up a little as he was a little cold, but that was ok! I don’t think I can quite describe the moment. I have held lots of babies in my life. Lots. And I honestly loved every second with every one of those babies. But I have been waiting since I was a very little girl to hold MY baby. I can’t remember a time in life where that wasn’t in my mind and heart. This day has been 25 years in the making in my heart, and it was amazing to finally reach that day. We each held him for a bit before he had to go back in his isolette. Seeing Andy hold him for the first time was another moment in itself – I know this day has been a long time coming in his heart too, and to see just how little Joey is in the crook of his arm was absolutely precious. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop – there’s something special about a dad and his son and I intend to encourage that in any way I can. It helps that we’re dealing with the best dad and son you could ever imagine. I’m a lucky girl to get to be a part of the lives of these two guys.




Before we left, I also got to change his diaper!! This is another thing I have done a lot of times in my life. But never for my baby. And never a tarry meconium poo! Ha! I feel like I really got to be Josiah’s mama last night. Diapers, feeds, cuddles. Best day ever.


Somehow a whole week has passed. As we were getting ready to go, we were reminiscing that a week ago, we had NO idea we’d have a baby right now. It’s all still so surreal, and yet so amazing. I’m excited to watch the rest of this story unfold.

{NICU: Day 8}
I went up to see Joey for a while during the day today. I got to talk to the NICU doctor and get an update on how he’s doing.

He is doing very well with the nasal cannula and they are ready to turn it down to “low flow” sometime today. They may need to add a bit of oxygen through the transition just to help him a little, but that is only temporary.

He is very anemic. I’m not surprised, because I was VERY anemic after delivery and they left my IV in until just before I was discharged just in case they would need to do another transfusion. They didn’t need to because I was never symptomatic, but they watched me close. A normal iron level is 12-14, and most people have symptoms below that (lightheaded, dizzy). Usually once people get in to the 7s, a transfusion is necessary. My level was 6.8 the day I was discharged! They are hoping to avoid a transfusion for Josiah, but are watching him closely too.

He was still under his bili lights when we arrived, but his levels were stable so he was able to come off them while we were there. Yay!

Other than that, she said he is doing very well! Just going to continue to increase feeds and watch him continue to get better!

I got to change his diaper again this morning, and take his temperature. I also got to do his feed again (10ml now) and they had me have him suck on his pacifier while I did to try to get him to eventually associate sucking with eating.

After some rest this afternoon, Andy and I went back up this evening. He’s still doing very well and was so snuggled in taking a great nap when we arrived. This meant when he did wake up he was very alert and wide awake! So fun to see.

After they got his weight (holding steady at 1680 grams) and changed his diaper, I was able to have some skin to skin time with him. Last night when I held him he was all wrapped up in a blanket and I couldn’t get a good feel for his size. But tonight bare chest to chest, he is TINY. And oh, so perfect. 🙂


I think that’s all I have for you tonight. Please continue to pray for this amazing little guy. He is working so hard to get better and making progress each day. We are so blessed to be his mom and dad and walk this road with him! (but please pray for us too – we are TIRED. Haha!)


One thought on “Progress

  1. Heather says:

    Your updates are amazing to read. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. It is awesome to see God work! I’m thankful Joey is growing and doing well. I will continue to pray for you, Andy and Joey. It is comforting to know God is in control.

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