Hodge Podge

I realized there are a lot of things I wanted to post about here, but they may not fit into another post, so they’re all going here πŸ™‚

{his name}
Before Josiah’s birth, Andy and I literally had not discussed names once. We always joked that we had backup names – Andy and Sam (Andrea and Samuel) because we’d be the only ones who could use their nicknames. But that was the farthest the discussion ever went. We thought we had 9 more weeks. Ha! So he went most of his first day of life with no name. Just “baby Nelson”. We saw him a couple times, and still nothing came to us. Andy threw out there that he thought he looked like a Joey. That nickname had been on my list with a couple different full names. We didn’t want Joseph, but tossed around Jonas, Jonah, and Josiah. We played around with those names for a while late Thursday night. Then we looked up the meanings of those three names, and when we came to Josiah, we knew that was his name. “The Lord saves”. There couldn’t be a more fitting name for our boy.

Mark is after his daddy. πŸ™‚

{the miracle of it all}
We have been told in no uncertain terms by multiple people that had we not been in the hospital when my placenta abrupted we would have had a dead baby and a very sick mom. There is no possible way we could have gotten anywhere in time to do anything about it. That is both a terrifying and comforting thought all at the same time. I started out this pregnancy at a totally different doctor and hospital. I didn’t really like the way they did things – there were about 10 OBs and you see each one once. I didn’t know any of them, and they didn’t know me. I had to retell my story over and over and it just didn’t seem like a good fit for me. I was nervous about switching doctors so late in pregnancy, but a friend encouraged me to seek out a midwife around 24 weeks. I did. I loved them. Their practice is two midwives, and they work closely with an OB. It ended up being the absolutely best decision I ever could have made. I am so grateful to my midwife for using her judgement to pass me off to the OB when she felt I was beyond her realm of care, and for passing me of to the best OB in Kansas City. I hadn’t met Dr. Schwartz until the day I was admitted to the hospital. Every nurse I had my entire stay when they asked who my doctor was just gushed about how lucky I was when I told them Schwartz was my OB. Little did I know just how true that was. The NICU doctor on call the night Joey was born was talking to us a couple days after his birth. She said she had gone over my whole story, and said “you need to know this baby is an absolute miracle”. What a humbling place to be. I can’t say enough about the amazing care both Joey and I have/had at the hospital. But we know it wasn’t all in the doctors hands. No way. It’s amazing to look back and see all the ways this should have gone wrong. But Someone greater than us was and is writing this story, and He’s not finished yet. I just can’t wait to see the next few chapters. πŸ™‚

I need to just brag on this guy for a few minutes —>

He has been so amazing through this whole thing. From doing everything to take care of the dogs and house while I was on hospital bedrest, working his butt off long hours at his brand new job, and still finding time to come sit with me… and that’s all before our son was born and his role was stepped up even higher. He wasn’t at the hospital when Joey was born. He arrived and the front desk person said “oh, they just took your wife to the OR”, and he was told he could go sit in my room. He walked in to a complete disaster in the room. There were literally instruments and such just strewn about – it was clear something major had happened. But he held it together like only he can. He had an agonizing wait until someone could come tell him what was going on. I don’t think I’ll ever forget waking up for the first time in my recovery room and seeing him… I had never been so glad to have my best friend by my side. He showed me pictures of our baby boy and then sat with me for hours while I recovered. This first week has not been easy on him. He has has to experience things I never had a chance to warn him about (haha!). But he’s taken it all in stride and never once complained. He helps me get up all through the night now that were home, continues to work full time, and spends his entire evening loving on our son. I couldn’t be more proud. ❀


(this is hands down my favorite picture ever. He is so in love.)

{a few more brags}
My mom has been here all week helping care for me, take care of the house, making every meal, and driving me up to the hospital. This help has been so, so wonderful. Not sure how I would have done this week without her!
My sister also came down for a few days and helped my mom shop for, plan, and prepare a ton of meals. It was so good to have her here!
Andy’s parents came and got our first babies (the pups) and I know they’re having a wonderful time being spoiled at Grandma and Grandpas.
All the friends and family who have sent us flowers, cards, gifts… You know who you are and we are so thankful for you. Thank you for thinking of us!
And then our Kansas City friends who have taken us under their wings and come around to support us in this crazy time while we’re far from family – thank you! It means more to us than you know.


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