{NICU: Day 13}

Today’s big news:


Josiah has had a PICC line since day 3. This is a type of IV that goes in his arm and all the way up into his chest to where his veins are a little bigger. He was receiving TPN through his PICC line which is a form of intravenous nutrition. He was receiving fats, proteins, and sugars as well as vitamins and minerals through this IV. When Joey was born, because my placenta and his cord had separated, he was not receiving oxygen and other support from me just before he was born. When this happens the baby’s body goes into super survival mode and routes all blood and oxygen to vital organs like the brain and heart. This means things like his stomach and whole gastrointestinal system basically are completely shut down. He was not ready to have any sort of food, so he had to get his nutrition intravenously. As he has been starting to eat milk, they have been weaning him off the TPN. Yesterday they took him off the lipids (fats) and today the PICC line is gone! This means his system is woken back up and he’s processing the milk well. He is almost up to his full feed – was at 32ml tonight and will go up to the full 33ml tomorrow morning. They are adding a fortifier to his milk now, but at least he’s getting all his nutrition from the milk! And he is so much more comfortable without the board strapped to his arm!

He is also up to 4lb 2oz (1860 grams).

His nasal cannula has been turned down to just a .5 liter flow (he started at 2 liter). He’s starting to pull it out all the time and that’s what he did with the ventilator tube and cpap just before he came off those, so I’m hopeful he’s close to being done with the cannula too!

We got to watch him get a little sponge bath tonight! He was SO mad.


His chest x-ray yesterday showed his lungs are continuing to improve. This is a good thing! They still saw some “bright spots” on his brain during his head ultrasound, but still aren’t too concerned. They’re going to follow up with another scan next Monday. She told us tonight it may be one of those things that only time will tell if there’s been any damage. His doesn’t appear crazy far out of normal where they’d make a diagnosis at this point, but they want to watch it and keep an eye on him as he continues to develop.

He’s close to being ready to come out of his isolette! He’s not requiring much warmth, and doesn’t need the humidity anymore. They told us to bring in some clothes for him – fun!

I think that’s all that’s new for now. I want to thank you all again for the amazing support and prayers and everything else. It’s times like this you just sit back and take it all in… We’ve got amazing people in our lives. Thank you all.


One thought on “{NICU: Day 13}

  1. Heather says:

    The first paragraph was hard to read… that’s exactly what happened to my dad. 😦 But I will say though that it is also quite exciting to read that and have someone recover and continue to do well. ❤ I'm so thankful that Joey is growing and getting better each day. I look forward to meeting him. He makes the most adorable mad face! Love you guys! I continue to pray for you all!

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