Occupational Therapy

Because of the …thing… They’ve found on Josiah’s brain (I don’t even know what to call it), they had him evaluated by an occupational therapist yesterday. She came in to discuss it with us today, and kept calling him her rock star baby :). She evaluates things like his reflexes, strength, suck/swallow/breathe, tracking… All sorts of things.
– his reflexes were all great
– his strength in his arms was great too, but his legs were a little weak. She said this is normal with a baby as early as him because he never got cramped in the womb and met resistance when he kicked. As they get bigger, the resistance inside the womb helps them build strength in their legs. They are laying a weighted pillow (like a bean bag) over his legs to try to mimic that resistance for a while. But she assured us this is totally normal for a baby of his gestational age.
– he did well with “non-nutritive sucking” – both on his pacifier and his hand
– she was shocked how well he did with tracking… He turned his head to the sound of her voice and also followed a black and white picture placed above his head

She did not think he needed to be watched every day, but she will come in once a week to reevaluate him and work with him to improve anything he’s lacking.

In other news, he wears clothes now!!



One thought on “Occupational Therapy

  1. Heather says:

    WOW!!! Joey is doing so so well. It almost seems like he does better than most fullterm newborns.

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