April 4

April 4, 2012 I sat in the office of a Reproductive Endocrinologist for the very first time. The day was a scary one, but also one filled with hope. After our second incredibly painful miscarriage that past January, and nearly a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, I had been sent to an RE.

The next few months were filled with countless meds, diet changes, tests, pokes (I’m a champ at getting blood drawn now!), shots, more meds, appointments… And the list goes on. And none of it worked. I felt so defeated. As those months went on I thought we’d cross the year mark with still no baby in our arms.

And then we had to take a month break from it all, that was the soonest we could get back in to the RE for a consultation and to make a new plan with new meds, procedures, etc. And in that month? Sweet Josiah found his home in my womb.

And little did I know at the time he’d be making his appearance exactly two weeks before April 4, making my c-section follow up land on that same date just one year later.

So today I’ll be sitting back in that same doctors office, not to see the RE, but to see my amazing OB. And I’ll be reflecting on the fact that, as our pastor said to us about Josiah on Sunday, “he was right on time.”

That’s been the biggest lesson for me to learn over the last two years filled with miscarriages, infertility, and now preemie parenting – none of it is on my time, but it all happens right on time, in His perfect time.

For those of you today still in that dark, lonely, scary, empty valley – be it infertility or something else entirely – trust in the truth that His timing is always right.


3 thoughts on “April 4

  1. Megan Petersen says:

    You really do such a nice, thoughful job on this blog site Sam! Blessings to you and the family! Prayers for you all!

  2. Oly says:

    Well put, Samantha. You’re infinite wisdom has literally put a tear in my eye. Much love!

  3. Beth Daniels says:

    Hi Sam!!! This is Beth, from Eagle Brook. I have now read your whole blog. I just wanted to let you know how encouraged i am by it!! My pregnancy started out so similar. I too came early and started out with bleeding. We did not experience anything close to what you and Andy did but it has been difficult and hard at times for me. Your blog just lifted me up and has giving me a renewed strength. When you come to minnesota we have to get together. Our little boys are only 10 days apart!!! I hope you got our announcement. Not sure if i sent it to the right address….By the way, Josiah is absolutely adorable!!! Me and Randy will continue praying for his quick development. Much love to you and your little family!!!

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