A Day in the Life

In case you were wondering just what a day in the life of a couple of NICU parents who live 30 minutes from their baby looks like – here’s a little snapshot.

8am – set up pump, pump, clean pump parts
9am – shower and get ready, get bag ready to go
10am – set up pump, pump, clean pump parts
10:40am – make and eat breakfast
10:50am – drive to hospital
11:20am – arrive at hospital, scrub in, say hi to Joey, change his diaper and take his temperature
11:30am – nurse starts his feed through his tube and I attempt to nurse until he falls asleep, then I snuggle and stare at him
1:00pm – put Joey back in bed, go pump
1:40pm – go eat lunch in the cafeteria or car
2:15pm – back with Joey, change his diaper and take his temperature
2:30pm – snuggle him while he gets his feed
4:00pm – put Joey back in bed, go pump
4:45pm – drive home, get stuck in traffic
5:30pm – get home, get the mail and pay the bills, sanitize pump parts, pack bag for the evening, organize and freeze bottles
6pm – eat dinner
6:30pm – set up pump, pump, clean pump parts
7:15pm – leave for hospital
7:45pm – arrive, scrub in, Andy snuggles Joey
8:20pm – change Joey’s diaper, take his temperature, weigh him
8:30pm – nurse starts his feed, skin to skin try to nurse again until he falls asleep, then snuggles
9:30pm – change his clothes, wrap him back up, go pump
10:15pm – head home
11pm – get home, pack lunch for tomorrow, pack bag for tomorrow, get stuff ready for middle of the night pumps
12am – set up pump, pump, clean pump parts
1am – try to get some sleep
4am – set up pump, pump, clean pump parts
5am – try to get some sleep

…..and repeat.

8am – leave for work
Work a long day!
6:15pm – arrive home to Sam just finishing eating, eat dinner, do dishes
7:15pm – drive to the hospital
7:45pm – scrub in, snuggle Joey
8:30pm – work on some work while Sam feeds Joey
9:30pm – snuggle Joey some more
10:15pm – drive home
11pm – arrive home, pack lunch, pack stuff for work tomorrow
12am – try to get some sleep
4am – wake Sam up because her alarms been going off forever
7am – get up and get ready

…..and repeat.

Catching up on our favorite tv shows? Ha! Running errands, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning? Not happening. Thank you cards? They’re coming, folks… Someday.

And tonight were adding the puppies back in to the mix. They’re in for a rude awakening of what life is like these days. They’re going to be wishing for their baby brother to come home ASAP too 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Heather says:

    Welcome to parenthood my friend. 🙂 You do have the added hospital stuff, I get that but that’s still pretty much the life of a parent.

  2. susannerjacobs@gmail.com says:

    Perhaps people understand that you appreciate their gifts and you probably said thank you when you received them. You might consider letting that go. It adds stress that you may not need right now. ( :

    I know, I know, it goes against everything good manners dictate, but you should let it go anyway.


  3. Tracie says:

    Awwww, bless you and your husband! Hang in there, one day this will be a memory that you will share with your son (well, maybe not the pumping part, lol!). “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. And yes, this is one aspect of parenthood that we all have experienced to one degree or another. Know that, and take comfort that others are praying for sustaining strength for you, your husband, and Josiah.

  4. Linda says:

    Praying for you guys I know this must be very difficult. Just remember honey this to will pass.
    God Bless all three of you.
    Linda D.

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