{NICU: Day 30}

No more cannula, folks!

They switched Joey a couple days ago from .5 liter flow of 21-24% oxygen to a .2 liter flow of 100% oxygen. If they send kids home on oxygen, they’re not able to mix it so its 100%, just a low flow. They wanted to see how he responded to that. His stats were much better with these settings, and he was doing so well that he was only on that for a day before they switched him yesterday to .1 liter flow of 100% oxygen. One of his stickers that holds the cannula in place was not sticking anymore yesterday, so it kept falling out and he spent most of the day chewing on it. His stats stayed great though, so today he’s off completely!

He is up to 5lb 9.9oz and 19 3/4 inches long. He’s getting big!

He is starting to get the hang of bottle feeding. If he’s awake he does great with it! He has been taking about 2 bottles per shift, so 4 per day. As he matures he’s awake more often and building more stamina, so he should continue to eat more and more! He’s had a slowish day with eating today, but his nurse said its to be expected because even though he was on such a low flow with his cannula, his body is still working a little harder today to keep his oxygen level up. He is still only 35 weeks gestation, and his nurses say he’s doing exceptionally well for his age. So we just wait for him to get bigger and stronger!

Statistically speaking, white males tend to be the weakest in the NICU. He’s in a room full of black girls right now (which tend to be the strongest!), and its hard to watch them all getting ready to go home, but we know he’s in the best place he can be and want him to be here til he’s ready. He needs to get over his “wimpy white boy” syndrome soon, though! Haha!

Just another fun picture of him from yesterday, because I know you’ve all been deprived for a couple days as we’ve been busy, busy, busy! šŸ™‚



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