{NICU: Day 35}

You guys. We are so close.

Joey has been taking all his feeds by mouth since yesterday morning, so they removed his feeding tube for good this afternoon! He has to be taking all feeds by mouth for 48 hours to go home.

It’s so fun to be able to see his whole face. 🙂

Tomorrow he will have an MRI. It takes about 60-90 minutes. They look at his entire brain tiny piece by tiny piece. They opted out of his third head ultrasound because they were going to do the MRI anyways, and it is so much more accurate and allows them to see everything. He will go down just after he eats so he is sleeping soundly. He will not be sedated at all, hopefully just having a good nap! A nurse will go with him and comfort him with a pacifier if necessary, or a little bit of sugar water if he’s really struggling to calm down. I’m not sure when we’ll know the results of the scan.

He will also have an eye exam and his hearing screen tomorrow.

They also asked me to bring in his car seat to test to make sure he can safely go in it. He will sit in it for 90 minutes and needs to keep his heart rate at a normal level as well as keep his oxygen saturation above 90.

His doctor this week came to talk to me this afternoon and asked if I’ve got a pediatrician – she said she definitely needs to know by the end of the week so she can call them and get them all of his info. Eek! That’s less than 2 days away!! I did pick one for him this afternoon.

He was up to 5lb 14oz last night – grow, Joey, grow!


One thought on “{NICU: Day 35}

  1. Barb olson says:

    Such good news, it won’t be long and he will be home in his own bed. It will be nice not to make the trips to the hospital. I just love the picture where he is smiling and his eyes wide open. He just looks so alert. Thank you for the updates. Sure can’t wait to meet him in person.
    love you all
    grandma and grandpa O

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