Joey got his MRI earlier today. His nurse said he did great – he was wide-eyed and checking everything out when they went down there, but he laid still until the very end when they had to give him a little sugar water.

The doctor got the results a little while later and went over them with me. They found a bunch of tiny bleeds in two parts of his brain – some in the cerebellum, and I can’t remember where the others were. They can’t really say what all of this means for him, but we are working with a social worker to get him enrolled in Missouri’s First Steps program which is an early intervention program for developmental delays. A therapist will come out to our house periodically to assess and work with Joey on any areas of developmental concern.

He will also go see a specialist to analyze his development at 3 months old and be watched by them as he grows to make sure we get him any interventions he needs as soon as we can.

They were hoping to have us “room out” (stay at the hospital with him) tonight, but he is struggling through the transition to the bottles he’ll use at home, so were going to try some different ones and hope we can stay soon.

He passed his car seat and hearing tests! They decided to skip the eye exam, and instead scheduled us an eye appointment for him on Thursday.

We are getting close!



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