The Gift of Now

Last night as I was rocking Joey in his nursery I looked up at his NICU pictures hanging on the wall. I can hardly remember those days, that baby. It feels like an eternity ago.


I decided to figure out how long we’ve even been home… 39 days. The same amount of days we were in the NICU. Just as he changed so dramatically from day 1 to day 39 in the NICU, he’s changed drastically from day 1 to day 39 at home. He hit 9lb tonight which puts him 3lb 2oz up from when he left the NICU, and 5lb 3oz up from birth. Look how he’s grown!


I’m truly enjoying each day for what it is. Not every day is easy (I sat in the rocking chair all… day… long… today with a stiff neck), but its today. I don’t find myself missing the past, or wishing for the future, I’m just soaking up the gift of today. Each day is a new adventure, and it will always be. My heart is just so full of love for this boy, I hope he never doubts that for a second. Our connection fills my soul, a hole that’s been waiting for this connection for a long, long time. His precious life is such a gift and I’m thankful every day.







In the last couple days he has really started actual social smiles. If you get his attention, he will lock eyes with you and just light up. He smiles with his whole face and it just makes my heart melt. His favorite place for this is his changing table! I haven’t gotten a good picture yet, I grabbed my phone and snapped this one as quick as I could. It’s a terrible picture, but you get the idea.

He got a Wubbanub tonight (a stuffed animal attached to a pacifier). He has always loved holding his paci, so I thought he might like something bigger to hold on to, and I was right! He loves his little dino buddy. 🙂


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