Quick update

Joey had his first evaluation with First Steps today. She assessed all areas of his development and was here for about an hour. She had 6 different charts, one for each area if development with skills listed in a chart by which month they expect them to achieve them by. For almost everything he’s somewhere between 2 and 3 months which is great! He certainly doesn’t act like the 5 week old he “should” be, but he’s not quite a normal 3 month old yet either. She will put together a plan for what therapies she suggests for him and we will set goals and make a plan from here.


This afternoon we got to go out for frozen yogurt with my labor & delivery nurse from the night he was born. It was so good to see her! (He was very excited as you can see above!) Yesterday we also had lunch with two of his NICU nurses. So good to see them too! Many, many times making that long drive to the hospital I thought why? Why this hospital? We drove past like 4 others on the way. Every day. It was so inconvenient. But then I think about the amazing women Joey and I have in our lives now because of it, and the drive was so worth it. 🙂


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