Chiropractors and Umbilical Hernias

Joey was born with an umbilical hernia. It’s actually not uncommon in preemies – simply because of a less developed body. His abdominal muscles were weak and didn’t have a chance to fully grow/close. It’s not something they worry about until the child is preschool age – it usually closes on its own by then, but if it doesn’t it can be surgically corrected. But it freaked me out. Ha! There were times it was HUGE. You could push it back in as long as he wasn’t screaming/straining which was their stipulation for it being “ok”. You could even feel the hole in his muscles, about the size of my index finger. And it gurgled. Haha.

I had wanted to get Joey in to the chiropractor for quite some time after he was born – just thought it would be good to have him realigned after birth. I put it off and put it off because its a little nerve-wracking to hand your tiny, fragile preemie over to someone who may be thinking of contorting their body to try and make their back crack. He was having latching issues with breast feeding and it was suggested to me that I should see a chiropractor as they can also do adjustments to help with latch. So I finally made some calls and made an appointment.

We ended up with Dr. Alyssa at First Choice Chiropractic in Overland Park, KS. It was so far from anything I was worried about – she is amazing. She is so very gentle with him and he just melts every time he lays down for his adjustment. It is so relaxing for him!


She very gently manipulates his spine all the way up to his cranial bones.


He LOVES it. Just last week he was quite fussy while we were waiting our turn, and then I took these pictures once we started.

With his reflux/gas/digestive issues, I was really hoping this was the miracle cure. While it has not been (we’re trying other things now), I still absolutely believe its been beneficial. One thing I didn’t even think would come of it is his hernia is relaxed and all but healed.

This picture was taken 3 days after his first adjustment. This was a “relaxed” state.


It could get hard and even bigger when he was crying. After he started getting adjusted, it’s like his gut could finally let out the big sigh it had been holding – it could relax. And it did. This is a month and a couple days later, after 4 adjustments. (And while crying!)


I’d say that’s a victory in itself! Thanks Dr. Alyssa!

(and don’t worry, Milo was on his way over to save the day 🙂 )



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