Side by Side

Just for fun – some comparisons of how much Joey has grown! Hard to believe how much he’s changed in less than half a year.

First time in his car seat on homecoming day (5.5 weeks) and yesterday (5.5 months):


Snuggled on my chest at 6 weeks and almost 6 months:


First time in his It’s a Preemie Thing shirt at 6 weeks and last time I could squeeze him in at 5 months:


In his swing on his due date (8.5 weeks) and at 5.5 months:


First time in his Bumbo at 9 weeks, and a few days ago (5.5 months):


First cloth diaper (9.5 weeks, almost 8lb) and this week (5.5 months, 13lb):


First time in his bucket tub (I had to hold him up!) at 2.5 months, and still enjoying it at almost 6 months:


And another just for fun – Joey at 5.5 months and ME at 6 months! This boy looks like his mama!



One thought on “Side by Side

  1. Linda Dahlstrom says:

    so cute thanks for sharing

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