6 months

Happy half birthday, buddy!


Joey is now about 13.6 pounds and 25 inches long. Most doctors want breastfed babies to double their birth weight by 6 months – Joey is over 3.5 times his birth weight! He’s an overachiever. 🙂


What life is like now:
– He has learned a pterodactyl scream when he’s not happy with what you’re doing. Or sometimes just because he’s wants to hear his voice.
– But he also has BIG laughs when he’s happy.
– He loves reading books.
– Loves jumping in his jumper.
– Has decided he HATES taking a bath (after that being his favorite thing in the world until now!).
– Loves watching the puppies, petting them, pulling their fur, and sticking his tongue out to kiss them back.

– He thinks snorting is the funniest noise he’s ever heard. He tries to imitate it but can’t quite figure it out yet.
– He FINALLY found his toes!

– He loves scooting and rolling all around in his crib.

– But still has no desire to roll from back to belly. He’s totally capable, just decides he’s content once he’s on his back.
– He still sucks his thumb, but only when he’s sleeping or going to sleep. Never in the car when he’s screaming. 😉
– He grabs ev.er.y.thing. If it’s in his reach, it’s in his hand. And then in his mouth.
– He can sit on his own, but forgets he’s supposed to balance himself so topples over easily.


He got sick for the first time this month and was just not himself at all for a couple weeks. A sure sign: he fell asleep in the car, let my carry him in in his seat, and continued to sleep in there in his bed for another hour. That is all unheard of in the world of Joey!


He had his ophthalmology appointment this month and did great. Currently he’s about 4 points farsighted, which is on the high end of normal for his age. He’ll go back in a year and see how much he’s changed!

Joey got invited to his first birthday party this month! His little friend Paxton turned two and invited us to his party at Gymboree. It was fun!


We also took our first trip to MN this month and Joey got to meet his BFFs!


Cool dudes.


Hanging out in the Tula!


The first half of year one:



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