7 months


We’ll call this the month of the roll. Because this boy rolls everywhere!  He’s not crawling or even really scooting, but he can get where he wants to go by rolling and spinning!



He loves his toes! They are his teething toy of choice.





He’s sitting up so much stronger now, doesn’t even need to have his hands down (but of course wouldn’t pick them up when I wanted to take a picture!). He still forgets to balance sometimes and tips over, but he doesn’t mind too much because then he can continue rolling all around.




I feel like he’s grown up a lot this month. Maybe it’s the jeans, or maybe just because he’s in the second half of his first year, but he seems so big now!



He is still chewing/sucking on anything and everything he can get in his mouth. We are loving our Chewbeads! And he totally crossed his fingers like that all on his own and then shot me that look. Love his expressive eyebrows.




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