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Empty Promises


I read and review books for a website called Book Sneeze. When I saw that Pete Wilson’s new book, Empty Promises was going to be available for review – I knew I had to get it. I first learned about Book Sneeze because I saw someone at an event at my church reading Pete’s first book, Plan B. After I picked up that book and read it, I knew I’d read more books he wrote.

This book actually releases today! Go pick up a copy for yourself. Seriously. It is that good. I honestly don’t think there is a person who would read it who wouldn’t walk away without a changed perspective, and hopefully a changed life. Pete Wilson points out a concept I never took the time to see. Throughout the book, he gives real life examples of how rampant idolatry is in our culture, and as I turned page by page I couldn’t believe the ways he was speaking directly to ME about the ways this is rampant in MY life! Without even being conscious of letting things become idols in my own life, they have taken over. The tricky part is that these things are a lot of times good things. Things God would (and often does!) want for us. But when those things become the end result, when we trust that WHEN something happens, THEN we’ll be happy… we fall short every time. Because that’s not the way it should be. God wants us to seek Him first. We were created to worship, we are all wired for it. But what do we truly worship? What do you spend time thinking about? Or doing? What do you spend money on? Those things may have taken the place of worshiping your Creator.

There are so many way in which this plays out in my own life (embarrassingly many!). I can relate with the Israelites in a story Pete shares in the book. He shares the story where Moses is leading the Israelites out of Egypt where they have been captive for over 400 years. Moses left for a bit to go receive the 10 Commandments from God, and the Israelites got impatient waiting for him to return. So they built a golden calf. The ‘idol mentality’ set in so quickly as they forgot all the ways God had JUST provided for them to free them from captivity. Pete says, “Why did they do this? I suspect it was because God was making them wait, and the children of God couldn’t stand the waiting. This is important to note because, apparently, when the need for hurry meets the desire for control, it becomes really easy to start worshipping someone and something other than our Creator God.” (italics mine). Wow. That was a moment I needed to step back from the book for a moment and let that statement sink in. Because it is WAY TOO TRUE in my life. I’m no good at waiting. I’m no good at trusting when I can’t see results (results the way I want them!). And I fall oh so quickly into ‘idol mentality’, without even ever thinking about it.

Since finishing the book, I see this mentality in so many places in my life. The last few chapters in the book, Pete walks through how to combat this constant state of idol worship. He shares practical ways he personally works against this natural tendency in his life, and shares ways we can work through it as well. This is an easy to read and understand book, and one that I think can speak directly into your life in the way it did for me.

If you want more information about Pete or the book, visit his website here. You can also watch the trailer below. If you end up getting and reading the book, leave a comment with your thoughts and the things he called you out on (you can’t say I didn’t warn you ;)). Enjoy!

Empty Promises Trailer- Full from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.